Masked Owl Vigilante Makes a Return to Boca

After being noticeably absent for the past year, the masked vigilante known to Boca Raton residents as “Owl Man,” has reportedly resurfaced.

A Florida Atlantic University freshman, who wishes to remain anonymous, was walking to his dorm at 2 a.m. this morning when two men approached him from behind, demanding his possessions. Unknowing of what to do, he shouted for help.

The student told police a large man emerged from the shadows and rendered the men unconscious.

“It was the strangest thing I ever saw,” he said. “I thought it was Owlsley at first but this guy was a lot more fit. It felt like something straight out of a movie. Before I could even get a good look at him he was gone.”

He was able to give a vague description to police however, and explained that he had a beard under an owl mask, with what looked like wings coming from his back.

Police instantly recognized the description of the vigilante and turned to the Boca Raton Tribune, whose top sketch artist was able to create an image of him when he was first spotted last April.

It was previously concluded that he was an FAU student, as his heroic acts have only been spotted on campus. Students who attended FAU last year recalled the last sighting of Owl Man and were surprised to hear of his return.

“It was my second year here when I saw him,” one student said. “I was in GPT (Glades Park Towers) at the time and was playing some video games with my boys. Heard a girl screaming and looked out the window to see some owl dude beating some guys up. Can’t believe he’s back. It’s good to know that he’s here to help.”

His friend believes that he may know the reason Owl Man has not been seen since last year.

“I bet he took a semester off. That’s why he hasn’t been around,” he said. “I thought that maybe he graduated or something, but now that he’s back, that’s got to be it.”

Last April, a Facebook page was created called “Who is Owl Man,” which quickly gained thousands of likes in hopes of finding information regarding the vigilante’s identity. The page has since been deleted, however a new one has been created. Not everyone actually wants to know his identity though.

“I don’t really want to find out,” another student said. “It’s cool that it’s sort of a mystery. Just let the dude do his thing.




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