Florida mother kills 6-year-old daughter’s ‘rapist’

A mother has confessed to luring an 18-year-old to his death because she believed he had raped her 6-year-old daughter.

Connie Serbu, a 41 year-old mother of two, reportedly phoned Naples police in Florida to confess she and her brother had confronted her victim – 18-year-old Xavier Sierra – over the rape before shooting him dead.

But her brother – who was visiting Serbu at the time – also later died of gunshot wounds.

“It’s all my fault” Serbu told police, saying she hadn’t wanted her brother to get in trouble.
But she remains unrepentant about killing the teen, said news.com.au.

“So I don’t care, he raped my daughter … she told me everything that happened,” Serbu reportedly said.

Serbu says she enticed Sierra to come to her home in July 2016 by offering to pay him to construct a bunk-bed. Police have found a text message exchange confirming this.

Xavier Sierra, 18, was murdered in Naples, Florida in 2016. Photo / Supplied

Xavier Sierra, 18, was murdered in Naples, Florida in 2016. Photo / Supplied

She says she then talked her brother, John Vargas, 29, to come with her as she went to pick Sierra up. The pair then drove the teen to a remote wooded area in Naples, Florida.

During the drive, Serbu says she confronted Sierra about the rape of her six-year-old daughter, which she had allegedly learned of two months earlier.

Serbu says Sierra attempted to run from the car when they arrived, but she and her brother chased him down.

Sierra was reportedly shot six times by two different guns, one of which held Serbu’s prints. But police documents say it appears a struggled ensued with Sierra attempting to wrestle a gun from his attackers. It discharged, striking Vargas in the abdomen. He died a short time later from his wounds.

The bodies of both were found near Goodlette-Frank Rd on July 7 last year after locals reported hearing the sound of gunshots.

While Serbu’s daughter had pleaded with her to take the matter to police, court documents say they have evidence she repeatedly discussed murdering Sierra with friends and family.

Serbu was served with an arrest warrant on 25 August and charged with second-degree murder and must face Collier County Court.



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