South Florida residents encouraged to get basic hurricane supplies

As a huge recovery effort is underway in Houston from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, the next big weather disaster could be just around the corner.

Although it is too early to tell what path Hurricane Irma will take, residents are being encouraged to make sure they have their basic hurricane supplies ready by the middle of next week in case Florida ends up in Irma’s path.

Waiting until the last-minute can backfire, because often stores run out of supplies during days leading up to the storm.

And you should have these basic supplies on hand anyways during hurricane season.

Experts say within the next five days, you should make sure you have your basic emergency kit items.

Home Depot manager Jacob Tibbs says shoppers are already coming into the hardware store, picking up hurricane items: from generators to water.

Tibbs recommends people get their basic supplies like water, canned goods, batteries, and flashlights.

However, it is way too early to get out hurricane shutters and plywood.

Home Depot has hurricane supplies on stand-by at distribution centers during hurricane season months.

Tibbs encourages people to make sure their kits are ready.

Since Hurricane Matthew, Home Depot started ordering more water palettes, because they ran out so quickly last year.

Stay with our CBS 12 team of meteorologists who are tracking the storm, to get a better idea if and when you would need to get out your shutters and plywood.



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