Slater Wavepool Proposed for Florida

As the 11x world champ embarks on quite possibly the final season of his competitive career, on the side, Slater’s been building his post-tour retirement plan. From clothing companies to healthy energy drinks to manmade wavepools. But it’s the latter business venture that will likely be the most lucrative – sorry acai and ecofriendly t-shirts.

And the first public Kelly Slater Wave Co. could be coming soon, though it’s not in Lemoore, California. Instead, it appears that Slater wants to bring his baby back home to Florida.

Submitted to the Palm Beach County Commission, the proposal reads: “The Surf Ranch would be comprised of a man made surfing lake and support facilities intended for public recreational and competition purposes, which may include larger events requiring separate approvals for Special Events.”

The Surf Ranch Florida is propositioned for the northwest corner of the Park of Commerce in Palm Beach County – about 120 miles south of Slater’s hometown in Cocoa Beach. The specifics of the project include a concrete lake of 13 acres, measuring 2,000 feet long by 185 feet wide.

With regards to “competition purposes” and “special events,” that’s likely a hint at coming developments from the World Surf League. Last year, it was announced that the WSL acquired of a majority stake in the KS Wave Co. and had plans to one day hold a CT-level event in the artificial waves. Could the CT be coming to Florida? We’ll see.

It should also be noted that the proposed Surf Ranch Florida is just that – a proposal. In June of last year, a public KS Wave Co. was propositioned for San Diego. Although that development was eventually unapproved.

But here they are, trying again. And if the current fervor for wavepools is any indication for the future, then there’s a good chance the early investment from Slater will one day pay OFF.



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